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National Cryptologic Museum
One of the most top secret facilities in the world is located just off the BW Parkway in Fort Meade. While it may be impossible for the average resident to get a peek inside the National Security Agency. It's easy to get a look at some of NSA's historic secrets. Patricia Villone​ takes a tour inside the National Cryptologic Museum as part of her summer museum series.
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Lecture of Opportunity | David Hatch: The Cryptology Behind the Battle of Midway
David Hatch, "The Cryptology Behind the Battle of Midway," Lecture of Opportunity, June 3, 2015. ***** Disclaimer: The views expressed are the speaker's own and may not necessarily reflect the views of the Naval War College, the Department of the Navy, the Department of Defense, or any other branch or agency of the U.S. Government.
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Evening Lecture | Paul Kennedy: The Three Great Naval Wars of Recent History...
Evening Lecture | Paul Kennedy: The Three Great Naval Wars of Recent History, and their Implications for American Seapower Today | January 28, 2014 Paul Kennedy, the J. Richardson Dilworth Professor of History, Director of International Security Studies (ISS) at Yale, and Distinguished Fellow of the Brady-Johnson Program in Grand Strategy, coordinates the ISS programs funded by the Smith Richardson Foundation. He is internationally known for his writings and commentaries on global political, economic, and strategic issues. Paul Kennedy's lecture, "The Three Great Naval Wars of Recent History and their Implications for American Seapower Today" is the College's academic year 2013-2014 Admiral Raymond A. Spruance Lecture, which honors a great naval hero of World War II and past president of the College, is sponsored by the Naval War College Foundation through the generosity of Mr. and Mrs. Harold B. Finn III. Lecture start (6:30) ***** Disclaimer: The views expressed are the speaker's own and may not necessarily reflect the views of the Naval War College, the Department of the Navy, the Department of Defense, or any other branch or agency of the U.S. Government.
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"Mechanisms and Powers" - Professor Philip Gorski (IACR 2016)
During the annual conference for the International Association for Critical Realism (IACR) held Cardiff (19th -23rd July 2016) Dave Elder-Vass, Philip Gorski and Timothy Rutzou came together to discuss the difficult topic of causality in the social world. In part 2 Philip Gorski reflects on the recent turn to the concept of mechanisms and whether this is in fact the right language to understand the nature of causality in the social world. What ontological presuppositions and methodological implications does the language of mechanisms embody? Is it just another way of saving positivism in the social sciences? And could causal powers be a better and more appropriate language to use?
Unsolved - The History and Mystery of the World’s Greatest Ciphers
Craig Bauer, author of Unsolved Ciphers and editor of Cryptologia, will examine these and other vexing ciphers yet to be cracked. Some may reveal the identity of a spy or serial killer, provide the location of buried treasure, or expose a secret society—while others may be elaborate hoaxes. Guests are invited to stay after his talk for some collaborative cipher-breaking fun. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IntlSpyMuseum Twitter: https://twitter.com/intlspymuseum SpyCast: https://audioboom.com/channel/spycast
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USAF Mandarin Linguist, JAN 1996
Tech. Sgt. Rob Milterson helped to translate between members of the Peoples Liberation Army Navy and the U.S. military during a historic military to military exchange in Shanghai. January
A Retrospective on the Use of Export Cryptography
by David Adrian TLS has experienced three major vulnerabilities stemming from "export-grade" cryptography in the last year---FREAK, Logajm, and Drown. Although regulations limiting the strength of cryptography that could be exported from the United States were lifted in 1999, and export ciphers were subsequently deprecated in TLS 1.1, Internet-wide scanning showed that support for various forms of export cryptography remained widespread, and that attacks exploiting export-grade cryptography to attack non-export connections affected up to 37% of browser-trusted HTTPS servers in 2015. In this talk, I'll examine the technical details and historical background for all three export-related vulnerabilities, and provide recent vulnerability measurement data gathered from over a year Internet-wide scans, finding that 2% of browser-trusted IPv4 servers remain vulnerable to FREAK, 1% to Logjam, and 16% to Drown. I'll examine why these vulnerabilities happened, how the inclusion of weakened cryptography in a protocol impacts security, and how to better design and implement cryptographic protocols in the future. Having been involved in the discovery of all three export vulnerabilities, I'll distill some lessons learned from measuring and analyzing export cryptography into recommendations for technologists and policymakers alike, and provide a historical context for the current "going dark'' and Apple vs. FBI debate.
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Naval Heritage | Robert "Barney" Rubel: Gettysburg and Midway: Historical Parallels in Command
June 4, 2013 U.S. Naval War College Commemoration of the Battle of Midway: "Gettysburg and Midway: Historical Parallels in Command" Prof. Robert Rubel, Dean, Center for Naval Warfare Studies Introduction by Rear Adm. John N. Christenson, president U.S. Naval War College The battles of Gettysburg and Midway each represented a major turning point in their respective wars. In each case a vaunted enemy commander leading a tactically and technically outstanding force was defeated by an underdog American force. The reasons for the Confederate and Japanese defeats are similar, which provide lessons in operational level leadership. This lecture will trace the parallels between the battles and examine how the same defects in planning and decision making on the part of Gen. Robert E. Lee and Adm. Isoroku Yamamoto produced similar results: strategic defeat. ***** Disclaimer: The views expressed are the speaker's own and may not necessarily reflect the views of the Naval War College, the Department of the Navy, the Department of Defense, or any other branch or agency of the U.S. Government.
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Lecture of Opportunity | John Maurer: A history lesson on the Battle of Jutland
Professor John Maurer, "Battle of Jutland," Lecture of Opportunity, U.S. Naval War College, May 31, 2016. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Jutland, the largest sea fight of World War I. On May 31, 1916, the main fleets of Germany and Great Britain clashed in a hard-fought battle in the North Sea off Denmark’s Jutland peninsula. The battle was a trial of strength at sea between the fleets of a rising challenger, with aspirations to world power, and the reigning superpower, accustomed to thinking itself the indispensable leader of the international system. On the outcome of this battle in the cold waters of the North Sea (or so it was widely thought), nothing less than the fate of empires was at stake. To whom did the future belong—the rising power or the keeper of the system? A single day of combat between the steel giants making up the British and German fleets could decide the vital question of world power or decline for these competing empires. Professor Maurer’s lecture examines the background to the battle, the course of the battle on the day itself, the strategic consequences of the battle, and concludes with some “so what” thoughts about what we in the twenty-first century might learn from remembering an important battle. Bio: Dr. John H. Maurer serves as the Alfred Thayer Mahan Professor of Sea Power and Grand Strategy in the Strategy and Policy Department. ***** Disclaimer: The views expressed are the speaker's own and may not necessarily reflect the views of the Naval War College, the Department of the Navy, the Department of Defense, or any other branch or agency of the U.S. Government.
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Naval Heritage | Jonathan Parshall: The Untold Story of the Battle of Midway
June 3, 2014 NEWPORT, R.I. -- Jonathan Parshall, historian and co-author of the book "Shattered Sword: The Untold Story of the Battle of Midway," delivers a presentation about the Battle of Midway to students, staff and faculty at U.S. Naval War College (NWC) in Newport, Rhode Island. The Battle of Midway, which took place June 4-7, 1942, was considered the high water mark for the Japanese navy and the turning point of the war in the Pacific during World War II. ***** Disclaimer: The views expressed are the speaker's own and may not necessarily reflect the views of the Naval War College, the Department of the Navy, the Department of Defense, or any other branch or agency of the U.S. Government.
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Bart's History
This is an introduction to Bart Lee's journal articles originally published in the California Historical Radio Society Journal and the Antique Wireless Association Review. The articles focus on early wireless communication. The Web address for the articles: http://www.californiahistoricalradio.com/radio-history/bartlee/
A History of The Battle of Midway
Gordon Simon talks about the Battle of Midway in this lecture presented by Hudson Masonic Lodge No. 510 from May 23, 2008. Introduction by John Vinson.
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"Military Transformation: The Japanese Army during the 1920s and 1930s" by Dr. Edward Drea
Following World War I, the Imperial Japanese Army sought to modernize its weapons and equipment and transform its force structure. For almost two decades, the best and the brightest staff officers assigned to the War Ministry and General Staff grappled with transformation issues as they sought to create a modern force capable of protecting Japanese interests in Northeast Asia. The fundamental question revolved around how to prepare Japan for a future conflict that would require national, industrial, and military mobilization to fight and win a protracted war. Shifting political trends and Japan's weak industrial infrastructure limited the parameters for transformation. This resulted in fierce debates about Japan's future military strategy and diverse theories about total war in the offices of the Army General Staff and the War Ministry that set officer classmates against one another. The Imperial Army's story of military transformation involves more than weapons procurement and acquisition policies. It was a twenty-year struggle for the soul of the Army. The officer education and promotion systems played central roles in the drama because these determined the choice assignments for future advancement and high command. Between the early 1920s and the mid-1930s, multiple transformative initiatives faltered until one brilliant but eccentric Army colonel seemed on the cusp of achieving the Army's goal of a national mobilization state. Length: 66 Minutes Lecture Date: March 16, 2011
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Creating World Class Computer Science at Stanford
The panelists discussed Stanford's Computer Science Department within the historical context of higher education, technological innovations, and the Silicon Valley. They talked about how it grew from the university’s administrative needs and those of science and engineering research.
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DLI (Defense Language Institute)
"Watch and see where Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and even Marines learn foreign languages" (quote from Gunny) This video is special to me because I know all of the faculty who appear from the Korean School and most of the military cadre and MLIs who appear from various schools and service units. You may recognize the Vietnam War Veteran and famous actor Gunnery Sergeant R. Lee Ermey in this short video. He came to visit DLI a few years ago . Defense Language Institute Presidio of Monterey, CA
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The Coming of the Holocaust
Emeriti Lecture with Peter Kenez - The Coming of the Holocaust
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The Second World War: The Battle of Midway
By attacking Midway atoll, at the far western end of the Hawaiian chain, the Japanese hoped to lure the US Pacific Fleet into the open sea and destroy it. Instead, due to superb US intelligence and costly Japanese tactical errors, the attack marked the destruction of the Japanese Fleet and the end of Tokyo’s supremacy in the Pacific Ocean. This super film portrays the momentous battle in a day-by-day account.
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The History of Mass Surveillance in the United States
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ii_constantine Backup Twitter: https://twitter.com/ii_notstantine Minds: https://www.minds.com/goldwatch Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/constantinescommentary Gab: https://gab.ai/Constantinescommentary Bitchute: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/ii_constantine My Sources: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-security-records-factbox/factbox-history-of-mass-surveillance-in-the-united-states-idUSBRE95617O20130607 https://www.nsa.gov/about/cryptologic-heritage/center-cryptologic-history/pearl-harbor-review/black-chamber.shtml http://www.theage.com.au/articles/2002/09/08/1031115958717.html http://cryptome.org/nsa-shamrock.htm http://www.encyclopedia.com/history/united-states-and-canada/us-history/foreign-intelligence-surveillance-act-1978 http://www.rhesq.com/terrorism/patriot_act_summary.pdf https://www.govtrack.us/congress/bills/110/s1927/summary
Oswald JFK Vietnam CIA Documents and Realities 2017 John Newman and Carmine Savastano
Oswald JFK Vietnam CIA Documents and Realities 2017 Ochelli Effect 9-7-2017 John Newman and Carmine Savastano In the first hour Dr.John Newman joins us for a revealing discussion. Oswald JFK Vietnam CIA Documents and Realities 2017 FROM JFKJMN.com About Dr. John M. Newman, MAJOR, US Army, RETD Born December 20, 1950, Dayton Ohio, Dr. John Newman is a retired U.S. Army intelligence officer who served for two years as Executive Military Assistant to the Director, General William Odom at the National Security Agency. He has testified before various sub-committees of the U.S. House of Representatives, has worked as a consultant on two major motion pictures and to various U.S. and foreign media organizations including PBS Frontline, the History Channel, C-Span, NBC, and other news agencies. His experience and expertise as a strategic intelligence cryptologic analyst makes his qualifications and credentials unique among those who choose to delve into the hidden histories buried within America’s military and intelligence bureaucracies. For the past quarter century his work has overturned orthodoxies, broken new ground, introduced new facts, and produced revelations about America during the Cold War. Education BA Chinese Studies, George Washington University (1973) MA East Asian Studies, George Washington University (1976) PhD Modern Far Eastern History, George Washington University (1992) Experience US Army Intelligence, 1974-1994 Assistant to the Director, National Security Agency, 1988-1990 US Army Attaché in China, 1990-1992 Professor, University of Maryland, 1981-Present Honors Professor, University of Maryland, 1994-2012 Adjunct Professor, James Madison University, 2013- Yoga Instructor, 2006-present Oswald JFK Vietnam CIA Documents and Realities 2017 We discuss the 2017 JFK Assassination documents releases as well as the curious behavior of US Intelligence agencies regarding the individual we all know as Lee Harvey Oswald. Dr. Newman is a world class expert on the Assassination. Second hour Carmine Savastano joins us to recap the discussion and update some other information/ As usual Carmine and Chuck address the landscape of certain bits of info. and how the primary evidence can be handled. A short discussion on The FBI J Edgar Hoover and the attitudes of the time among federal agencies is also had. Oswald was certainly NOT James Bond. and much more from 3 scheduled presenters at the upcoming Lancer Conference for 2017 in Dallas. Carmine https://tpaak.com Oswald JFK Vietnam CIA Documents and Realities 2017 Ochelli Effect 9-7-2017 John Newman and Carmine Savastano Thanks to all our listeners and contributors for your awesome support, The Ochelli Effect would not be here without you! please contact us here at The Ochelli Effect or if you want to contribute in some way, please do the same. Join us in Ochelli ChatRoom for live shows every weekday 8pm – 10pm Eastern Time. -Video Upload powered by https://www.TunesToTube.com
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Heritage Trails #11 Ft  Meade Historical Association
Heritage Trails is an on-going series of videos that illustrate the history of Polk County, FL. Produced for the Polk History Center by PGTV, Heritage Trails is hosted by Myrtice Young, Polk County's Historic Preservation Manager. Episode 11 features the Ft. Meade Historical Association and its museum. Exhibits include Fort Meade's "Golden School Days" and exhibits on the cattle, citrus and phosphate industries. To see more videos like this, go to the PGTV webpage at http://www.Polk-County.net/PGTV.
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Quinn Michaels: Mr. D and the Hired Hands
The figure in Quinn’s and his son’s lives known here as Mr. D. is said to be the head of the Satanic secret society who has been reportedly orchestrating operations against Quinn for some time. His interest in video gaming, gaming the system, and hacking reality aligns with the occult crypto hackers who make use of the high tech and AI he has at his disposal. This is the story and research the PSI Network, their occult crypto hacker army, and their YouTube front people don't want you to see. Find more at https://www.youtube.com/user/quinnmichaels/videos, https://Tyler.team, and https://rahula.club Source Material Revealing the #Tyler #Anonymous #PIZZAGATE #SethRich #TheGame23 #Lulzypher #Louise connection: https://youtu.be/03VzdmERVZc Find Charles Michael Fox - #Tyler #JESS #CLAWS #TheResistence #PIZZAGATE https://youtu.be/YWG0gUt7o48 Mr Leakey research complete and recap #TimePhoneHack: https://youtu.be/3tk-7Ah4QlE http://www.evil-limited.com/ http://www.louisecypher.com/evil.eu/evilavatar.html https://www.linkedin.com/company/evil-limited/ https://www.companiesintheuk.co.uk/ltd/evil http://themetalden.blogspot.com/2017/09/rocket-interviews-louise-cypher-of-evil.html http://www.cryptomuseum.com/crypto/usa/sigsaly/index.htm#patents https://www.nsa.gov/about/cryptologic-heritage/historical-figures-publications/publications/wwii/sigsaly-start-digital.shtml My Friend Mr. Leakey, Stanford Searchworks: https://searchworks.stanford.edu/view/8703849 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3tk-7Ah4QlE https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scottish_Rite The Game 23 Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/YbmG6ETq Project Mayhem 2012 Tyler Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/Wt15GXTn Project Mayhem 2012 ‘Dangerous Ideas #1 and #2: https://pastebin.com/sLLwJbtz Project Mayhem 2020 Pastebin document: https://pastebin.com/nqgYMfPL Blogs https://tyler.team/quinn-michaels-the-real-story/ https://tyler.team/quinn-michaels-the-invisible-gorilla-and-the-story-they-dont-want-you-to-know/ Section 107 of the Copyright Act defines fair use as follows: [T]he fair use of a copyrighted work, including such use by reproduction in copies or phonorecords or by any other means specified by that section, for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research, is not an infringement of copyright.
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The Cryptologic Network Warfare Specialist supervises and conducts fullspectrum military Cryptologic digital operations in order to enable actions in all domains, ensure friendly freedom of action in cyberspace and deny the same to adversaries. This career field is small, comprising only three percent of the Military Intelligence Corps. Because of the specialized requirements for enlistment as a Cryptologic Network Warfare Specialist, the training and experience gained on the job open up possibilities for a long and promising career to those eager to become a trailblazing member in the Army’s new network warfare force.
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Sacred Cryptology - Master's Class - Mathematical Proof of God -End of the Holy People
Free Master's Class :: Learn Sacred Cryptology - The Master Class and eBook are free with your donation You will learn how to decode the sacred scriptures that prove the existence of God, the Heavens, Hades, the Tree of Life, reincarnation, and the Consummation ( the End of the Universe ) And, to decipher the End Times Prophecies: End of the Holy People, Sign of Son of Man, the Seven Eyes of the Lord, and the sacred mysteries. QUICK LINK - http://AmenCode.com DIRECT LINK - http://penbyte.com/amen-code-master-class.html Free Master Class - Pre-Enroll in the Master's Class when you make a donation, download the ebook, or purchase the paperback or textbook. AMEN CODE OVERVIEW If you believe in Heaven and Hell you believe in Multiple Universes and Parallel Dimensions The Bible only tells half the story, that of the material realm, and the Hebrew connection. The ancient Gnostic scriptures found in Upper Egypt tell the rest of the story. And, hold within them Jesus’ testimony of the Heavens he descended from. The Amen Code mathematically deciphers the ancient codes within the sacred text to reveal the Heavens, the Abyss, and the process of ascendance. It is the answer to the quest of man’s origins, and proof of immortality. The evidence in the Amen Code mathematically confirms God through Jesus' Gnostic and Biblical teachings and exposes the corruption of organized religion. The Amen Code details the process for decoding the sacred texts and mathematically confirms the existence of multiple universes, parallel dimensions, the Heavens, reincarnation, and the afterlife with the “Predictive Result Standard” science requires. The Amen Code guides you through the process of deciphering the divine codes so you can confirm for yourself if God sent man a sign of his existence and a message. Explore the biblical prophecies that reveal the reason the bible was written and decipher the plans that were coded into the Bible to stabilize and secure our global social and economic systems.
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SciStory (Episode 02) : Cryptology - Atbash Cipher by Muhaiminul Islam Antik
This is the 2nd episode of SciStory. In this episode, the basic knowledge on ATBASH CIPHER has been discussed in a simple manner. You can find our first episode on POLYBIUS SQUARE CIPHER in this channel. Thank you for staying with us. Don't forget to subscribe. Hope to return with new videos on Cryptology soon. Till then have a nice time...
Cryptology  Classical and Modern with Maplets, Richard E  Klima, Neil P  Sigmon, CRC Press
http://www.crcpress.com/product/isbn/... Watch CRC authors Richard Klima and Neil Sigmon outline the key benefits of their book and its accessibility. • Illustrates the importance of cryptology in cultural and historical contexts, including the Enigma machine and Navajo code • Describes the implementation and cryptanalysis of classical ciphers, such as substitution, transposition, shift, affine, Vigenère, and Hill • Gives straightforward explanations of the AES, public-key ciphers, and message authentication • Requires no prior programming knowledge or background in college-level mathematics • Integrates the easy-to-use technology of Maplets throughout • Offers material for teaching nonmathematical courses • Provides exercises in each chapter section, including some that can be used as projects • Presents all Maplet-based examples and exercises in separate sections • Supplies Maplet exercises and all of the Maplets used in the text online
CTRC Jeremy T. Crandall
Feature speaker for the VietNow's MIA program on September 12, 2014 was Navy Chief Petty Officer Jeremy T. Crandal. The following was copied for the Military Times . Chief Cryptologic Technician (Collection) Jeremy Crandall is described by superiors and subordinates as a humble leader driven by a desire to see sailors develop and succeed. Crandall’s career as a cryptologic technician is storied. He had fewer than two years in uniform when, on April 1, 2001, he was one of 24 crew members detained by China after a collision between their EP-3E ARIES II signals intelligence aircraft and a Chinese J-8II interceptor fighter forced an emergency landing. In the long 11 days that followed, he witnessed the "strong and selfless leadership" of a senior enlisted crew member who helped get the team through its harrowing ordeal. This example had a lasting impression on Crandall, who cites this as the defining model of his own career. Crandall has spent much of the past 15 years encouraging and enabling at-risk sailors who face dire circumstances of their own. Most recently, the chief created BALLAST, a wide-ranging program centered on 342 hours of classroom instruction covering everything from financial management and drug/alcohol awareness to naval history and professional appearance. The program also features 18 hours of community service. Named after the ballast used to keep a ship upright and afloat, the program is nearing completion of its first year. Though it was originally designed to correct and direct at-risk sailors, the program has gained popularity among enlisted leaders and now has a waiting list of volunteers who look to grow personally and professionally. “Chief Crandall is a strong example of what it means to be a Navy chief. He has the attention of his subordinates, the respect of his fellow chiefs, the support of the ship’s officers and the trust of his commander.” Capt. Karl Thomas, Abraham Lincoln’s commanding officer There is little need for a cryptologic technician while a nuclear-powered carrier goes through the three-year Refueling and Complex Overhaul. Instead of coasting through this tour, Crandall stepped up to take charge of the ship's security forces. In that role, he leads one of the ship’s largest divisions – 128 sailors representing 22 different ratings. The division has achieved a 70 percent advancement rate and 90 percent retention rate, and 36 sailors have earned individual warfare qualifications. The chief’s selfless service does not end when he departs the carrier. The Civil War buff has more than four dozen volunteer hours as a historical guide in Lee Hall Mansion in Newport News, Virginia. Crandall also mentors dozens of youths at his local church, and does so while maintaining a 3.90 grade point average in pursuit of his bachelor’s degree in history from Southern New Hampshire University, where he was recently inducted into Alpha Sigma Lambda, a national honor society that recognizes high academic achievement. Crandall's warfare qualifications include the Enlisted Information Dominance Warfare Specialist, Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist, Enlisted Aviation Warfare Specialist and Naval Aircrewman designations, and his personal awards include the Air Medal, Navy Commendation Medals and the Navy Achievement Medal. Please join Military Times as we salute CTRC Jeremy T. Crandall as the 2014 Navy Times Sailor of the Year.
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Neal Stephenson - "We Are All Geeks Now."
Complete video at: http://fora.tv/2008/05/08/Neal_Stephenson_Science_Fiction_as_a_Literary_Genre Bestselling author Neal Stephenson discusses the popularity of science-fiction as a genre, arguing that "we are all geeks now." ----- Neal Stephenson delivered a talk entitled The Fork: Science Fiction versus Mundane Culture at Gresham College. Four professors discuss the origins of science fiction, its overlap with other genres and its developments over more than a century. Neal Stephenson is the best-selling author of such novels as Snow Crash, The Diamond Age, Cryptonomicon, and The Baroque Cycle. He is best know for writing science fiction (in the postcyberpunk genre) and his interests often lead him into investigations of society, mathematics, cryptology, currency and the history of science.
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2013 U.S. Naval History Conference: Opening Remarks & Morning Keynote
Lt Gen Thomas P. Stafford, USAF (Ret.) delivers the morning keynote at the 2013 U.S. Naval History Conference in Annapolis, MD.
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INSCOM general tells linguists to study hard
The commanding general of the U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command, Maj. Gen. Stephen Fogarty, told Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center students that they need to "study hard" because he will "hang onto (their) every word" once they graduate and are sent to their duty stations.
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8 Bells Lecture | Dan Urish: The story of Diego Garcia
Dan Urish, "Coral, Copra, and Concrete," Eight Bells Book Lecture, Naval War College Museum, Jan. 21, 2016. The story of Diego Garcia, B.I.O.T, its history, construction of the U.S. base by SeaBees, and its expansion into the U.S. Navy Support Facility Diego Garcia, providing logistic support to operational forces forward deployed to the Indian Ocean and Persian Gulf areas of responsibility in support of national policy objectives. ***** Disclaimer: The views expressed are the speaker's own and may not necessarily reflect the views of the Naval War College, the Department of the Navy, the Department of Defense, or any other branch or agency of the U.S. Government.
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Evening Lecture | The Nimitz Graybook Unveiling, feat. lecture by Dr. Craig Symonds
By U.S. Naval War College Public Affairs NEWPORT, R.I. -- The U.S. Naval War College (NWC) unveiled the public online digitization project of Fleet Adm. Chester Nimitz's 4,000 page operational diary, known as The Nimitz Graybook, during an evening lecture, Feb. 24 at NWC in Newport, R.I. Covering activities and correspondence of the Pacific Command from Dec. 7, 1941 to Aug. 31, 1945, the Graybook is a historical record of operations and planning in the Pacific during World War II and serves as a window into Nimitz's decision making process during the war. "We can trace the planning process, a lot of which was pioneered here at the Naval War College, for large-scale operations and watch the war unfold almost as if we were in the room," said Craig L. Symonds, U.S. Naval Academy professor emeritus of history, during the evening lecture. According to Symonds, Nimitz proclaimed that 'the war-gaming experience and education he received here at NWC were central to his success in the Pacific war.' "Chester Nimitz once declared that he never encountered an event in the entire war that had not been anticipated at some level during the war-gaming practices that they had here at the Naval War College, except the kamikaze," said Symonds. Following the war, Nimitz's Graybook remained classified for 30 years and even after it was declassified in 1972, scholars had to travel great distances to what is now, the Naval History and Heritage Command (NHHC) at Washington Navy Yard, to access the document. Following the events of 9/11, scholars not associated with the Department of Defense, now had to leap more barriers in security to access the source. In 2009, thanks to the generosity of the American Naval Records Society, the Naval Order of the United States and the Naval War College Foundation, the Graybook contents were scanned so that a CD-ROM version became available. This proved helpful but making copies of carbon paper proved imperfect. "It was evident that a fully digitized version, the version we celebrate and welcome this evening, was far more desirable and essential," said Symonds. During the evening lecture, held on the anniversary of Nimitz's 129th birthday, Symonds provided insight to the contents of the Graybook, and Nimitz's leadership and decision making process. "Reading it pulls aside the curtain of history," said Symonds. "What do we see when we part aside that curtain? "It becomes evident that one essential key to Allied and American success in the Pacific was Nimitz's personal role as a theater commander and in particular, his calm and even temperament." "Behind those cool blue eyes was the calculating mind of a man who weighed the odds and made plans accordingly," said Symonds. Following the Battle of Coral Sea and Doolittle Raid, Nimitz had lost two of his four carriers in the Pacific. In May 1942, Nimitz learned from his code breaking team that the Japanese were planning an assault of Midway Atoll. Nimitz was faced with a decision. Wait for repair of his carriers and preserve the only two carriers left in the Pacific, or lay a trap for the Japanese and risk the only thing standing between them and the west coast of the U.S. "Was Midway, that outpost of coral and sand, worth risking the few carriers he had? Did Nimitz want to bet his career on an unlikely victory? "Yes he did," said Symonds. Nimitz believed he could repair the Yorktown quickly and use Midway's airstrip as an immobile fourth carrier that couldn't be sunk. "Instead of being surprised by the Japanese as had happened at Pearl Harbor, Nimitz could surprise them and send some of their carriers, and as it turned out, all of their carriers to the bottom. "It's hard today, aware of how this battle turned out, to appreciate what a bold decision that was. It seems like a gamble. But in Nimitz's mind, it was not a gamble. He did not throw the dice carelessly or thoughtlessly. Nimitz fully expected to win and of course he did, spectacularly. "More than any other single individual, Chester Nimitz was the man who won the war in the Pacific for the Allies. Now, thanks to the public availability of the Graybook, we can see and understand how he did it," said Symonds. The digitization of the collection is the product of collaboration between the NWC and NHHC, funded generously through the Naval War College Foundation. "We see this as a pilot program," said Capt. Henry Hendrix, director of NHHC. "The method in which The Graybook was digitized and cross-referenced is going to give us a path forward in making documents together that are accessible to scholars and the American public." The Nimitz Graybook can be accessed at http://www.usnwc.edu/graybook. ----- Posted by Daniel S. Marciniak, U.S. Naval War College Public Affairs
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Senate Testimony On Cryptocurrencies has Historic Support for Bitcoin & Crypto 2018
Mr. Jay Clayton & Hon. Christopher Giancarlo take questions from the motley crew in the Senate Feb 6th - Senate Committee meeting on Banking, Housing and Public Affairs, this covered Bitcoin (BTC), Crypto Assets and Blockchain.
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Captain Rick Jacobs - "Battle of the Java Sea"
As part of the "Lunchbox Lecture" series, Navy Captain Rick Jacobs gives a lecture outlining one of the most decisive naval battles in the Pacific Theater during World War II, in which the Allies suffered a defeat at the hands of the Imperial Japanese Navy.
Traces development of airpower through pioneers Orville and Wilbur Wright, Hap Arnold and Billy Mitchell. This film is part of the Periscope Film LLC archive, one of the largest historic military, transportation, and aviation stock footage collections in the USA. Entirely film backed, this material is available for licensing in 24p HD. For more information visit http://www.PeriscopeFilm.com
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Army officer explains the drafting process of cryptographic security in terms of ...HD Stock Footage
Link to order this clip: http://www.criticalpast.com/video/65675038288_United-States-Army-officer_drafting-messages_providing-guidelines_message-center Historic Stock Footage Archival and Vintage Video Clips in HD. Army officer explains the drafting process of cryptographic security in terms of sending military messages United States army officer explains the method of drafting a cryptographic message to officers at a message center in United States. He provides guidelines for preparing a concise message as a man paraphrases a cryptographic message. Location: United States. Date: 1941. Visit us at www.CriticalPast.com: 57,000+ broadcast-quality historic clips for immediate download. Fully digitized and searchable, the CriticalPast collection is one of the largest archival footage collections in the world. All clips are licensed royalty-free, worldwide, in perpetuity. CriticalPast offers immediate downloads of full-resolution HD and SD masters and full-resolution time-coded screeners, 24 hours a day, to serve the needs of broadcast news, TV, film, and publishing professionals worldwide. Still photo images extracted from the vintage footage are also available for immediate download. CriticalPast is your source for imagery of worldwide events, people, and B-roll spanning the 20th century.
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Charles Strange: Seal Team 6 Deaths "Extortion 17" Osama Bin Laden Raid
Source: https://www.spreaker.com/user/oppermanreport/charles-strange-seal-team-6-deaths-extor_1 Charles Strange: Seal Team 6 Deaths "Extortion 17" Osama Bin Laden Raid Charles and Mary Strange join The Opperman Report to discuss their son Michael. Michael was part of the SEAL team that raided the Osama bin Laden compound. Three months later he dies in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan. This interview covers the families suspicions regarding the official accounts of these events. Their struggle to uncover the truth and their experiences of being targets of govt surveilance and harassment. We discuss the Afghanistan poppy trade, Taliban 'sex boys" their experience with Pres Barack Obama , the suspicious circumstances surround their sons death. Also discussed is an incredibly bizarre "Ramp Ceremony" where a Muslim Imam was allowed to perform an act of desecration over the coffins of these US soldiers. MichaelStrangeFoundation.org Cryptologic Technician (Collection) Petty Officer First Class Michael J. Strange was born on June 6, 1986 in Philadelphia. He attended St. Bartholomew Catholic School in the Wissinoming section of the city. He enjoyed the life of a typical Philadelphia kid surrounded by a loving family and great friends who he stayed close to all of his life. Michael had a great sense of humor and a kind and generous heart. As a little boy he loved spending summers with his dad, brother and sisters in Rehoboth Beach at his grandmothers house where he spent his days fishing and crabbing and playing in the pool. After graduating from North Catholic High School in June of 2004, Michael joined the United States Navy. After basic training in the Great Lakes he reported to the Naval Technical Training Center in Pensacola FL where he attended Cryptologic Technician (Collection) “A” School. He graduated second in his class. His first assignment was Naval Information Operations Command (NIOC) in Hawaii. At NIOC, Petty Officer Strange worked in several high profile signals intelligence gathering offices and became a first line supervisor in charge of multiple analysts. He completed a nine month deployment to Iraq with Seal Team TWO. During this deployment he earned the Expeditionary Warfare qualification. After an arduous screening process, Petty Officer Strange volunteered and was selected for duty at Naval Special Warfare Development Group. While stationed in Hawaii, Michael met his girlfriend. They enjoyed spending time after work surfing and touring the beautiful islands. After completing his tour of duty in Iraq, Michael and his girlfriend moved to Virginia Beach, VA where they made their home with their dog Schmayze. Cryptologic Technician (Collection) First Class Michael Strange was a highly decorated combat veteran with numerous awards, including the Bronze Star Medal with Valor, Purple Heart Medal, Defense Meritorious Service Medal, Joint Service Commendation Medal with Valor, Joint Service Achievement Medal, Combat Action Ribbon, Presidential Unit Citation, and other campaign and unit decorations. Michael is survived by his proud and loving family, his parents, his brother, sisters and his niece. He is also survived by his grandmother and many loving aunts, uncles, cousins, his girlfriend and many close friends.
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Margalit Fox, "The Riddle of the Labyrinth" | Talks At Google
THE RIDDLE OF THE LABYRINTH, by New York Times writer Margalit Fox, tells one of the most intriguing stories in the history of language—the race to decipher the Bronze Age script known as Linear B, first dug up on clay tablets in Crete in 1900. Fox masterfully blends history, linguistics, and cryptology into a mesmerizing account that reads like an intellectual detective story. At the center of this narrative is an American linguist, Alice Kober, whose major contribution to the decoding of the script is unknown to history because she died before she was able to make the final leap. In many respects, Alice Kober is to the story of Linear B what Rosalind Franklin, the great unsung heroine of the mapping of molecular structure of DNA, is to that canonical Margalit Fox holds graduate degrees in linguists and currently has been writing obits for the NYT, many of which have been front page.
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Kevin F. Shephard, Specialist 5, US Army, Vietnam War
Specialist 5 Kevin F. Shephard DOB: 1948 Hometown: Greenwich, NY Place of Birth: Rockville Center, NY Inducted: May 13, 1968 Discharged: May 13, 1970 United States. Army Vietnam United States. Army. Infantry Division, 1st. United States. Army. Cavalry Regiment, 4th Prisoner of war: No Service injury: Yes Interviewed by Clarke, Wayne New York State Military Museum 3 May 2017 Saratoga Springs, NY Shephard, Kevin F. (Francis) Kilgore, SSG Lee 1st Infantry Division, 4th Cavalry Regiment, Sqaudron 1st, Troop B "Quarterhorse" Veteran oral history interview published by the New York State Military Museum. The State of New York, the Division of Military and Naval Affairs and the New York State Military Museum are not responsible for the content, accuracy, opinions or manner of expression of the veterans whose historical interviews are presented in this video. The opinions expressed by those interviewed are theirs alone and not those of the State of New York.
US Navy aircraft crashes into ocean
Eight people have been rescued and are in good condition. The cause of the crash is currently unknown. Learn more about this story at www.newsy.com/73745/ Find more videos like this at www.newsy.com Follow Newsy on Facebook: www.facebook.com/newsyvideos Follow Newsy on Twitter: www.twitter.com/newsyvideos
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African American recruits arrive and get registered at Fort George G Meade in Mar...HD Stock Footage
Link to order this clip: http://www.criticalpast.com/video/65675068081_training-of-colored-troops_Fort-George-Meade_recruits-arrive_get-registered Historic Stock Footage Archival and Vintage Video Clips in HD. African American recruits arrive and get registered at Fort George G Meade in Maryland, United States. Training of US 154th Depot Brigade and 301st Engineers Battalion at Fort George G. Meade in Maryland, United States. A train pulls out of the railway station. Aerial view of the buildings at Fort George G. Meade. African American recruits gathered at Fort George G. Meade. Recruits stand in columns as they get themselves registered. Men at a desk work on papers. Recruits stand in front of the quarters building. Recruits drill at the camp. Location: Maryland United States. Date: 1936. Visit us at www.CriticalPast.com: 57,000+ broadcast-quality historic clips for immediate download. Fully digitized and searchable, the CriticalPast collection is one of the largest archival footage collections in the world. All clips are licensed royalty-free, worldwide, in perpetuity. CriticalPast offers immediate downloads of full-resolution HD and SD masters and full-resolution time-coded screeners, 24 hours a day, to serve the needs of broadcast news, TV, film, and publishing professionals worldwide. Still photo images extracted from the vintage footage are also available for immediate download. CriticalPast is your source for imagery of worldwide events, people, and B-roll spanning the 20th century.
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Stanford Online Course - Network Security
Preview the online course: Network Security More Info: http://computersecurity.stanford.edu/courses/network-security Network security is one of the most important computer science issues today. It helps businesses meet mandatory compliance regulations, protect customer data, and reduce the risk of legal action. Without a secure infrastructure and the expertise to remedy an issue, critical performance functions for users and computer programs may not be executable. This course covers the latest practices for building reliable and secure code to defend against various attack techniques, harmful viruses and threats. You Will Learn: - Application security measures - How to identify operating system holes - The important interplay of privacy and digital rights management - Trends in malware, privacy and security for mobile devices - Ways to prevent network attacks and gaps in security policy To enroll, visit: http://computersecurity.stanford.edu/courses/network-security
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Noted Historical Figures Expose Jesuit Secrets
Noted Historical Figures Expose Jesuit Secrets. https://grandillusionblog.wordpress.com/ The recent election of Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio to the position of Pope Francis The first, was an unprecedented event the world has never before witnessed. It is the first time in history that a member of the Jesuit order has been elected to the highest position of the Roman Catholic Church. Reactions world-wide varied from jubilation, to matter-of-fact acceptance, to disinterest. These very reactions reveal appalling ignorance of the true nature of the Jesuit order. Widely regarded as a benevolent missionary order, known for its educational institutions, the Jesuit order, as the Society of Jesus is commonly known, has long played an incredibly influential, albeit secretive, role in the destinies of nations, organizations, and individuals. Rulers, presidents, scholars and even Catholics themselves who are aware of the evil perpetrated by this powerful, far-reaching order, have left on record grave warnings that all should heed. Following is a compilation of quotes from a variety of sources. Some admit that their own diabolical organizations were modeled on Jesuit principles. Others give warning. A number of those who sought to warn did so at the cost of their lives. We would encourage all to carefully study the following material. Quote, "A wise man will hear, and will increase learning; and a man of understanding shall attain unto wise counsels." Proverbs 1.5, King James Version.
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Neal Stephenson on Sci-Fi / Fantasy Actors
Complete video at: http://fora.tv/2008/05/08/Neal_Stephenson_Science_Fiction_as_a_Literary_Genre Bestselling author Neal Stephenson theorizes on why "niche" science-fiction / fantasy actors like Lucy Lawless, Hugo Weaving and Leonard Nimoy so often end up cast in these types of roles. ----- Neal Stephenson delivered a talk entitled The Fork: Science Fiction versus Mundane Culture at Gresham College. Four professors discuss the origins of science fiction, its overlap with other genres and its developments over more than a century. Neal Stephenson is the best-selling author of such novels as Snow Crash, The Diamond Age, Cryptonomicon, and The Baroque Cycle. He is best know for writing science fiction (in the postcyberpunk genre) and his interests often lead him into investigations of society, mathematics, cryptology, currency and the history of science.
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Purple Analogs
Purple was the code name Americans gave an Imperial Japanese Navy diplomatic cipher that was used to send messages to important diplomatic offices around the world. There's no question that in the lead up to World War II the Americans became increasingly interested in what the Japanese were communicating over Purple. The Purple machine was first used by Japan in 1939. But US and British cryptographers had already broken some of its messages well before America's entry into the war. The intelligence they gleaned from Purple was code named Magic. One of the most important pieces of Magic US cryptographers "found" was the 14-part Japanese diplomatic message ominously breaking off relations with the United States. That was at 1PM Washington time, December 7, 1941. The message was a sure sign that a Japanese attack against America was imminent, but nobody knew where. The Japanese were careful not to communicate any of their war plans to the Japanese Foreign Office as it was considered insufficiently reliable by military leadership. A few hours later the whole world would know the answer, anyway. Pearl Harbor was the destination, and more than 2,000 Americans would lose their lives. As part of the museum's permanent collection, there are two, 1940s-era Japanese Purple machines one of which was the actual machine that received the 14-part diplomatic message breaking off relations with the United States hours before the attack on Pearl Harbor.
Luftwaffenmuseum Berlin - Gatow 2013
Berlin Gatow Luftwaffenmuseum. The museum acts as an independent military department. Entrance to the museum is free. Photos Here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.360142534114590.1073741936.282933645168813&type=3 Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/Panzerpicture Facebook Group:https://www.facebook.com/groups/Panze... Twitter:https://twitter.com/panzerpicture
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Asiacrypt@Digital Signatures Based on the Hardness of Ideal Lattice Problems in all Rings
Vadim Lyubashevsky. Talk at Asiacrypt 2016. See http://www.iacr.org/cryptodb/data/paper.php?pubkey=27914
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Lecture of Opportunity | Col. Joseph McGraw: A Commonsense Approach to Global Security
Col. Joseph McGraw, U.S. Army, "The Sovereignty Solution, A Commonsense Approach to Global Security," Lecture of Opportunity, U.S. Naval War College, Jan. 23, 2017. The Sovereignty Solution is not an establishment national security strategy. Instead, it describes what the U.S. could actually do to restore order to the world without having to engage in either global policing or nation-building. Right now there is no coherent plan that addresses questions like: If terrorists were to strike Chicago tomorrow, what would we do? When Chicago is burning, whom would we target? How would we respond? There is nothing in place and no strategy on the horizon to either reassure the American public or warn the world: attack us, and this is what you can expect. We’ve also never had a plan that says: respect our sovereignty and we’ll respect yours. There are two tracks to the strategy presented in this book: strengthening state responsibility abroad, and strengthening the social fabric here at home. Because no one considers the state of our social fabric in light of our foreign policy, or our foreign policy in light of what we might all agree America should stand for, this book is unique. Our goal? To provoke a serious national security debate that addresses and then redresses the gaps and disconnects between what the U.S. says, what the U.S. does, how the U.S. wants to be perceived, and how the U.S. actually is perceived. We offer a radically commonsensical way to recalibrate global security by getting countries to self-police. ***** Disclaimer: The views expressed are the speaker's own and may not necessarily reflect the views of the Naval War College, the Department of the Navy, the Department of Defense, or any other branch or agency of the U.S. Government.
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David Cameron meets the Navy while CTN is in attendance
Prime Minister David Cameron showed up on HMS Ocean as CTN Communications watched the Royal Navy Presentation Team
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National Electronics Museum quick tour
This is the National Electronics Museum near Baltimore, Maryland, and is definitely worth spending ~2+ hours checking it out. They also hold annual robot fests, a great time to go visit.
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